17 May — 8 July, 2024

25/7? It's only natural

Patrik Dvorščak, Jurij Hartman, Petra Korent, Oskar Slabe, Neža Šivec

For the fourth time, the ECOART festival takes place in Y Gallery. This time it features the exhibition 25/7? It’s only natural, which presents the works of five young and promising Slovenian artists, which has become something of tradition at the festival. The diverse local art scene is at the forefront of the event, as it is here that all these young emerging talents are nurtured and shaped. Some of them are still at the art academy, while others are already fully paving their artistic path independently outside the safe realm of the academy. All artists, however, are fully up to speed with the big and worrisome issues at home and worldwide.<br /><br />Artists: Patrik Dvorščak, Jurij Hartman, Petra Korent, Oskar Slabe and Neža Šivec.

29 March — 13 May, 2024


Živko Marušič, Ira Marušič

The beginning of spring brings an exhibition opening to Y Gallery: the intergenerational painting tandem – Ira and Živka Marušič. Father and daughter created five monumental works in the oil, wax and pigment techniques on canvas with a unique subtle work process. At their centre, the works present the artists’ captivation with nature, interpersonal relationships, the dreamlike coexistence of different entities and, finally, their own creative milieu. The title of the exhibition refers to their joint painting and sharing of the studio, as well as to a nostalgic memory from the turn of the last century, when their creative collaboration began with playful, colourful compositions filled with childish innocence and curiosity.

2 February — 25 March, 2024

Sašo Vrabič - Non-existent

Y Gallery is hosting our “house artist” Sašo Vrabič’s solo exhibition. Although the broader public has recently become accustomed to his dynamic figural paintings, this time the versatile artist presents us with a series of works on paper, created in pastel and watercolour techniques. This extensive, insightful and memorable series of intense human portraits is titled Non-existent. In its essence, along with heightened intensity and milieu expression, it addresses a handful of current concerns related to the artist's personal practice as well as to various faced by modern society.

8 December — 29 January, 2023-2024


Žiga Kariž, Denis Krašković, RONE84

This time, Y Gallery presents an unexpected heterogenous trio, which at the exhibition comes together as a colorful Advent surprise. Selected artists of the middle generation, Žiga Kariž, RONE84 and Denis Krašković, introduce themselves at the ČU ČU MADAFAKA exhibition with their newer works, as well as some older ones, which we have already seen in certain foreign and local galleries in a different content-rounded entirety.

29 September — 1 December, 2023

Good One!

At the Y Gallery Arjan Pregl presents himself with 3 different cycles, each representing a different artistic approach, content presentation and technique. Instead of the numerous drawings we recently saw at the Nova Gorica City Gallery, etchings are now on display, and intricated, precisely created and well-thought-out paintings are now joined by Collateral Paintings, the origins of which we saw last summer at the GalerijaGallery.

2 August — 7 September, 2023

Mito Gegič - The Fatherland is a Babbling Prisoner

The Kresija Gallery presents Mito Gegič’s latest production of paintings created between 2022 and 2023. The exhibition includes works of larger and smaller formats, through which we can follow the artist’s development, gradual experimentation, and changes in his painting practice. The works address problematic power relations in connection to strictly guarded political borders and the consequences that follow. The images of hunting scenes, which in the artist’s oeuvre often appear as a domestic allegory of various authorities, power relations and the latter’s abuse, are transformed in the new series into tangible images of “technical obstacles”, fatal shipwrecks and unsuccessful attempts to cross the Mediterranean. Gegič experiments with the idea of ultimate control, unwavering authority, and supremacy.

4 August — 1 September, 2023

Agile Images

This time, the Y Gallery space hosts the Serbian author Joškin Šiljan, whose gestures are characterized by intense colour surfaces, letter phrases and a free interweaving of lines. His working method is often described as automatic drawing. The resulting works contain lightness of being and wit as an escape from the ordinary and conventional. Through modern artistic expression, he seeks to articulate the unconscious, to capture the indeterminacy hidden in a dream or vision, and to show boundless freedom.

19 May — 30 June, 2023


Ema Kobal, DILEMA, Jernej Čuček Gerbec, Carolina De Matthaeis, Nejc Trampuž, artist collective Kvadratni meter

The group exhibition Community.env presents the works of young artists whose common point in artistic practice is the question of man's relationship with his environment in which he lives. This year, this environment is narrowed down to the concept of urban space. It includes urban planning, different urban areas, community spaces, parks, third landscapes, suburban areas and architecture. Based on the idea of the importance of community and quality of life in the city, presented in this exhibition are various artists of the younger generation, whose practice deals with urban planning, architecture, environmental protection, the human factor, capturing the pulse of the city, real estate issues and quality of life in the city. Among them are graphic artist and illustrator Ema Kobal, photographer Carolina De Matthaeis, conceptual duo DILEMA, intermediate artist and environmental activist Nejc Trampuž, artist Jernej Čuček Gerbec and artist collective Kvadratni meter.

31 March — 12 May, 2023

Go Tell the Fathers That We Are Leaving

This time Y Gallery presents a new solo exhibition of artist Mito Gegič titled Go Tell the Fathers That We Are Leaving. The paintings of various formats are mostly part of a brand-new production from 2022 and 2023, united by eccentric images from the Internet and a lot of scepticism towards modern power relations, illustrated through the prism of hunting, militia, borders, and game.

27 January — 27 March, 2023

Logarithms of Expression

Y Gallery presents a new solo exhibition by academic artist Aleksij Kobal titled Logarithms of Expression. This is the first in a series of exhibitions within the thematic project From Pixel to Canvas that will take place this year. The project includes presentations by painters whose work is primarily built from digital images.<br />The solo exhibition Logarithms of Expression brings together paintings from the artist's series The Planted, Dilemmas Crisscrossed and Wormholes of Heaven.

14 September — 18 November, 2022

Traceback() - 2. ECOART Festival

Bezovšek Sara, Godec Miha, Kosi Janja, Klavžar Slemc Monika, Trampuž Nejc, Žibert Ulla

As part of the ECOART Festival, we are opening a new group exhibition at the Y Gallery where this year's group exhibition consists of various works by six local artists of the younger generation: Sara Bezovšek, Mihe Godca, Janje Kosi, Monika Slemc Klavžar, Nejca Trampuža and Ulla Žibert.<br />This year's edition is entitled Traceback() and focuses primarily on invisible and visible changes related to the human environment, urbanity, nature, interconnectedness, interdependence and involvement in the socio-economic system. The works, placed in dialogue, address various issues, reflect doubts, and ask multiple questions. They address the problem of digital and physical oversaturation and refer to a suffocating present, permeated by the absolute pollution of real and virtual space. We read the artworks of many media as individual responses, or at least as the beginnings of creative thinking about our actions, our mistakes, and especially our errors.<br />With the near future not looking optimistic

2 June — 31 August, 2022

Balkan Promises

Artist Tina Dobrajc is returning to Y Gallery with a new exhibition, where her large-scale, mystical and always impressive paintings continue to be very popular. Thanks to her thoughtful use of rich animal iconography, numerous folkloric emblems, and sophisticated feminism, her works are sometimes startling and, above all, quickly recognizable. Kurent, accordion players, Drežnica carnival masks and naked girls with mobcaps are motifs that work perfectly in a scenographically elaborated and balanced forest landscape, getting under the viewer's skin with a touch of imaginative pop culture references.

1 April — 27 May, 2022


At this exhibition, Laibach Kunst presents its newer paintings with the following remark: all images are part of a coherent artistic strategy and have a long and rich tradition with a multifaceted meaning that can never be fully grasped or resolved. The first image was condensed in a black cross and the power this symbol holds. It was followed by others from Laibach’s arsenal of images and symbols – iconic images. The exhibition is no different, as it showcases recognisable motifs, such as the thrower, the sower, the deer, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. When Laibach revisit and reinterpret these symbols, they transform them rather than (re)construct them. By doing so, they negate the very principle of “the inimitable” and introduce seriality.

14 January — 11 March, 2022

Miha Štrukelj - Side Streets

Miha Štrukelj is an artist with an international career who has since the late formally and substantively remained faithful to the concept of the “grid,” which is the prime basis of his works. The image of a pixel from the time of the first useful home computers combined with one of the painting methods for transferring sketches to paintings, or in Štrukelj’s case, photographs, has become and remains a building block and leitmotif of Štrukelj’s works to this day. But the use of the grid changes, albeit being a constant basis of his creations, which are to an extent expressed according to the painter’s vision, or a mere remnant of a line or a graphic element on the canvas. This results in the works’ wide variety of layering and its deepening effect.

22 April — 28 May, 2021

Marko Jakše - SECOND ROUND

»Želim vam neobremenjen (p)ogled ... Razum pa, če se le da, potisnite vstran in v ozadje. To ni politični <br />program, ni česa razumeti. Prepustite se golim čutom in čustvom in poskušajte utripati v <br />nedoumljivem svetu domišljije ... brez gospodarja. <br /><br />Srečno!«

11 March — 19 April, 2021

Marko Jakše - ON NIGA ISLAND

Ker se je v novonastali situaciji, vemo kateri in kakšni, vsa umetnost in kultura nasploh znašla na <br />otoku, izolirana, se mi naslov zdi kar primeren ... V resnici seveda nima nikakršne, vsaj direktne ne, <br />povezave s slikami na razstavi ...