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Y Gallery

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Y Gallery

Y Gallery was founded in 2020. Its exhibition spaces are located in the centre of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, where it is deeply embedded in the city’s colourful cultural scene. The gallery primarily specialises in representing artists who create in the field of painting with a socio-critical connotation, as we are fully aware of how important a role contemporary visual art plays in social, cultural, ecological, and political discourse. Hence, we exclusively represent important Slovenian artists of the middle generation: Tina Dobrajc, Arjan Pregl, Saša Vrabič and Mita Gegiča, while our plan is to also collaborate with a broader international range of renowned artists.

In the coming years, Y Gallery aims to represent up to 12 artists from Slovenia and the European Union, to engage internationally and to connect with other regional and international galleries and institutions, as well as to be present at major art fairs. We aim to lead and establish a varied exhibition program in the field of contemporary art, which will include various media and curatorial approaches and creators of all ages. We seek a dialogue between artists, curators, collectors, and the general public. Our gallery organises an annual group exhibition and the ECOART festival, where it presents to the public the production of young artists whose practices are related to ecology and environmental activism.


  • Damjan Kosec


  • Maša Žekš


  • Eva Stamboldžioski


  • Katarina Kolenc